Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sometimes you're in the mood for a quick frock

...and this one sure is quick! I love the fact that no zip was needed - although i might make an inside belt from elastic, because this corded knit lace is heavy... drapes nicely. I will wear it with a belt anyway. I was going to be all dedicated and finish the neck and sleeves with foldover elastic (my new best friend) but i just overlocked, turned and zigzagged - very very forgiving fabric this one, you can't see a thing on the right side.

I hope you appreciate how I have hidden Jane's internal organs this time (with some pink netting). The frock is actually quite see through - I am imagining her with pale pink slip, or a bold red satin one. I will get a proper picture of it on me instead of Jane, I promise. It isn't really as shapeless as it looks.

This is the corded knitted lace on a white table.

It will be fiiiine with some dress clips!

Today I bought some thickish black cotton/lycra for t-shirts - apparently good quality shaped set-in sleeve t-shirts that come down below one's waist don't exist. I hope I have a decent pattern somewhere for such a thing. I also got some great thick cotton twill with heaps of stretch for travel pants - the knowledgeable lady at GJ has used the yoga pant pattern and recommends it (but i might use some other stuff to muslin them, this material was cheap but not replaceable...) Or I could just make the Vogue bootlegs without the zip.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Wrap up the week

Another day, another frock

Go, go, Lutterloh!

Guess what arrived in the post today?

It's teeny! About the size of a DVD case. But so full of delights! I've photocopied the ruler from Stitches, so i will have to have a play with it this weekend after I have made my lace dress (I'm thinking of making a red satin slip for underneath it: I bought some red feathers today and will try and make a little feather headband).

Here are another couple of pages from it:Looking at the eBay auctions, I think they repeat the patterns in a few books - I've seen one of 'my' patterns in a book marked 1954, and another in a 1956 one - which might mean that I can rest in my lutterloh pursuit!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I have lots of lovely frocks I haven't even worn yet, but I get invited to a barbecue this weekend, and all I can think is....
can I make a wrap dress out of this in time?

Advise me, should I do:
a) sleeveless/collarless;
b) long sleeved/collared;
c) long sleeved/collarless?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In the flesh

Here she is on me instead of Jane. I might debut her tomorrow if it isn't too warm. I think i'll wear her over a dress in case four buttons aren't enough..
And while in Clegs what did I see? "Seconds" dusty pink silk crepe de chine for $9.95/m.
I think it would make a good 'nude' slip, however I am tempted to put black lace on a la Trashy Diva which will un-nudify it.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Help me...!

It's only $50 US at trashydiva. And there is a matching bolero for $25. And they have the ever so cute cowboy shirts for $50 on sale too. Dare I? I do love the buckle jacket...

Not particularly exciting...

...but practical! A very quick and easy sew, although I did have to take the back in a bit. I do like the foldover elastic, although I didn't do the neatest job on it...

I also cut out the top half of the Vogue Jacket (after smallifying the collar) - I figured I would do the top half first, see how I like it, then work out how to do the skirt portion if I liked it. This is the material, a sort of stretch - but the flash makes it look much lighter than it is, it's really rather burgundy.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I like her

...because she's nice.

Here's the length I decided on. I'm happy with it. Definitely a candidate as a picnic frock.

I recommend putting bias binding on after two glasses of red wine. Went on like a dream.

She fits like a glove (although looking at that pic, the gels at PR would be having coniptions about the wrinkle from the right shoulder) Just my scoliosis. Not doing scoliosis alterations!

Pattern notes for future reference.

1. Vogue size 8 is too small for me. I shoulda cut out the 10. I had to do 1 cm seams and take half the width out of the back bodice darts. (so much for 3 inches of bust ease. There's no ease. None!)
2. I cut the midriff and the skirt on the straight grain.
3. I took 2.5cm off the width of the midriff back and fronts. Fits gooooooo.
4. I pinned out about about 10cm total of flare in the skirt pieces...good thing too, I wouldn't want her any flarier.
5. Cut the skirt pieces about 5 cm longer than the pattern piece because of the shortening of the midriff bit. Then took her up 4.5cm. Almost balanced itself out there.

Also honolulu arrived today. Uber black velvet!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Leppo tripfit lives!

McCalls shirtdress 4769 in Leopard print stretch woven:

note: the collar is a bit of a pain, but not bad - maybe better with lighter fabric, but the leopard is very forgiving. As hoped, it is more of a coatdress than a shirtdress. Hoorah for tripfit #2!

Here is #1 - Lupe Flamey-Calavers, the madcap reversible sundress: (note to self: get better pics)

I already have a reversable leopard/black skirt from last trip, and black wrap top. Still to make: red wrap top, black pantage and maybe an actual coat.