Monday, February 25, 2008

My first socks

Up until now I have avoided knitting socks, mainly because I don't like knitting with dpns, and I couldn't find any beginner's patterns written for magic loop.
Ebay to the rescue yet again! I found these 11" circular needles on ebay and thought I'd give them a go.
I used Silver's Sock Class, adapted the numbers for the Lincraft Hot Socks yarn and size 3 needles (the smallest I could find in the 11" circulars). They turned out cute! I wish it was cool enough to road test them, to find out if they're under foot scrunchers, or if they're droopers, and I need some hat elastic under a turned down cuff. Remember that? I always had welts from hat elastic under my knees. Elastane has sure changed the knee sock world.
I have now bought size 0, 1 and 2 addi turbo 12" needles on ebay so I can make socks with teeny stitches.