Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Simplicity 2614, again

In honour of Australia Day (day off, woo!), I organised my stash. Organising in my world doesn't mean colour coding, categorising by type of fabric, oh no no no. I went through my plastic storage bins of fabric and tossed all the post-project scraps of fabric I had shoved in there, many of which were not big enough to make a coin purse. Then I folded the fabrics up properly, which has made more room for more fabric. Yay!

One of the benefits of cleaning up the stash was finding bits of fabrics I had forgotten about. This is a cotton voile I bought from Spotlight years ago, pre-blog. I had made a wrap dress with it, but had never worn it due to the neckline stretching out (forgot to stay-stitch, whoops!). That dress was recently tossed, or donated, I don't remember which. Anyway, I found enough of a remnant of the fabric to make another Simplicity 2614 blouse, with the tie, but without the sleeves.

I made it this afternoon and wore it out to dinner this evening. I just hurriedly snapped a photo outside in the fading light, so it's a bit crumpled; please imagine it crisply ironed.

Which reminds me, I have some crispy M&Ms waiting. Mmmmm.