Saturday, November 07, 2009

Wiggle, robots, wiggle!

Is it really two months since our last posting? What a shocking state of affairs!

I've bought a fair chunk of fabric online in the last few weeks (woohoo for the strength of the Australian dollar!).
I heartily endorse buying quilting cottons online and getting them shipped from the USA. I usually search via, and most of the places seem to ship to Australia. A global priority envelope fits 7-9 yards (if they are really skilled envelope squeezers!) and costs $12.95 USD postage. I find they get here in about two weeks and I have never been disappointed with the fabric. NAYY, just a satisfied repeat customer.

So it seemed time to sew a couple of them up:

New Look 6789 from this irresistable "First Village" from Michael Miller:
This went together very easily - or it least it would have if I hadn't chucked in some extra seam allowance willynilly, which I then had to take out again... but anyway, a quick sew and a very comfortable frock:
Then we have the "Robots" from Michael Miller (what can I say, I love their work) which is a frankenstein of the Butterick 8149 bodice and the straight skirt from New Look 6699. I should've trawled our archives first and realised I used a different skirt with more hip room last time... this time resulted in a Robot Wiggle frock:
I am off to a party this evening, so I made a robot reversible pursible to go with
it (lined with green toy soldier fabric):

The other fabrics that I bought recently are:

Happy Camper (this and the two above are from Fabric Shack). This is destined for a shirtdress of some sort for the USA trip next year:

More robots (a shirt for the chap) plus a couple of halloween prints (frocks for me), from Beaver Creek quilts:

I've been most conscientious and prewashed all of these (note to self: don't forget to overlock the ends before chucking in the machine, saves a whole world of tangle).

Tomorrow I plan to either frockify one of the lengths, or maybe start the Great Bolero Experiment of Summer '09. This girl needs some cover ups for sunny days!

Oops, I forgot I made this skirt a few weeks ago too. It's from an old Style pattern, and I think I'll make another in wool jersey for the trip:


Carol said...

I love these fabrics! Surprisingly, the one you are making into a shirtdress (with the cows) leapt from the screen. I thnk I'll have to get some of that. I can really see a June Cleaver shirt waister with the collar turned up at the back.

moggy said...

That's exactly what I have in mind, Carol - now I have to search the stash and see what patterns I have to suit - I want to make something with a yoke so I can use the checks on the bias for a bit of country 'n' western goodness!

They do look like cows in that pic, don't they? They are actually dogs!

livebird said...

WELCOME BACK! Your public has missed you. How were the gingernuts?

kitty said...

Yay for a new post! I sewed on the weekend, first time in 2 months. It was a joy! Post to come!
Love the robots. I hope you danced 'the robot' at the party!

Zombie Dimples said...

My gosh! That robot dress is the bees knees! You must have been the life of the party. I dream of making a dinosaur wiggle dress one day (I have the bed sheets all ready :D).