Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fireworks and flowers

This latest frock reminds me of a Sydney summer. Fireworks and flowers. The fabric I bought at this year's fifties fair. It's a very thin cotton, not quite voile thin, but close.

These old Anne Adams mail order patterns are drafted really well. At least on me, it fit right out of the packet, no sassifying necessary! This one is number 4761, in size 12.

I did make some modifications: I left off the pocket ; put the zip in the back instead of the side; and put on a bias cut four gore skirt from another vintage pattern rather than the huge gathered skirt. Huge skirts tend to overwhelm me and I never end up wearing them.

(The line at the hem is the crease mark from where I pressed to do a machine blind hem. The iron was out of water, and I still need to steam that bit before I wear her out of the house. Lazy? Moi? Hey, it's Sunday and I'm relaxing)

Also, I didn't alter the white balance on my camera so the pic is a bit washed out in the sun. You get the idea though.