Saturday, May 10, 2008


I think I'm ready to move on from this pattern now. But what else could this fabric be? It had to be this pattern, there was nothing else for it.
This is a linen/cotton mix (I think). Moggy and I both bought some in Cabramatta last year. I only bought 2 metres, and I had to be very creative with folding to get the pattern laid out, including the absolutely necessary 3/4 sleeves and cuffs.

I went to Remnants Warehouse today to get some zips, and on my way out the door saw this lovely fabric, a heavy stretch cotton sateen with blue and grey roses. I love blue roses on fabric. It insisted on coming home with me and becoming a gorgeous 50s frock. At some point.


OK, so I'm off overseas again in October, so of course I need a slightly different set of tripfits. I'm going to Rome and Paris, people, I must have clothes worthy of eyeliner!

So I have a few bits from the Japan trip, plus a few extras. I'm trying to travel super light, since we will be taking trains about the place and don't want to haul crapola all over the place.

Here's the first bit - a dress/pinafore in thick black stretch from Vogue 2446.

I want to make a wrap blouse to go under - I think I'll try Livebird's Rizzo blouse.

I am also thinking of some kind of cunning jacket-coat thingy which will somehow be stylish, full of pockets, yet unbulky... I might try the Stretch 'n' Sew 1025 blazer

Not a frock, but a place for frocks to be seen

Picked up the ATOMIC RETRO 50'S SOFA BED COUCH VINTAGE BLONDEWOOD (These people know of which they speak, it is indeed atomic print, fifties, sofa bed, blonde... all true):

This will move into the front room once I... ahem... clear it up enough to fit more than the cat in it...

Also, in news just to hand, I decided against the abstract rug and went for the classic cowskin rug instead, from NSW Leather (the Melbourne branch, naturally).

Friday, May 09, 2008

Lakota's 10th birthday

I'm a Posty McPostypants today, I know, but it's our bambina's 10th birthday! In honour of this tireless and generous donor of fluff, which gives all my frocks that much-sought-after angora pizazz, here is a photo essay of her morning:

Ruh roh. They're looking at me funny this morning, it's not bath day is it? Is it?

Phew! Looks like they're excited about this thing. Guess it's for me

Smells kinda funny.

Guess I better show some enthusiasm and look busy, or they might decide to give me a bath after all.

Nom Nom Nom

Phew, think I've distracted them from that whole bath idea. Now, where did I hide that biscuit?

Off the wagon, and Eiffel sees daylight

I haven't bought any patterns on ebay for months. The drought is over.

I took Eiffel out in to the early morning sun the other day. I did a wet block and she grew a little.

Good thing I like my knits sass-ay!

Also, I have updated this post with an outdoor shot of zippy.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Oh my corazon...

So here she is at last. Why did she take me so long? It's a mystery!

New Look 6699 in Corazon heart quilting fabric.