Saturday, May 15, 2010

Silk shift

I have a wedding to attend later in the year, and was talking of my desire for turquoise silk to Ms Moggy. I put it out there, and before I could say 'why-don't-I-make-a-too-tight-sheath-dress', Moggy scored me nearly 4 metres of turquoise/red silk dupioni for $10 total! Well Ms Mog, now
I'm dreaming about a million dollars, small bills. You should get on that.

I made New Look 6736 again, but forgot I made it in a stretchy fabric last time didn't I? Sigh. Here it is, much too tight over the bewbs and mid section. I even bought a vintage brooch on ebay to wear with it, as you can see in the close up.

I did teeny seams, and I suppose I could let out the darts a bit, but the thing is I underlined it. I never underline anything. I'd have to undo all that to alter it. Erm, not gonna happen. I bought these new-old-stock sheets at an auction you see, and the blue/green ones just looked so cute with the fabric. It does stop the silk wrinkling too.

Oh well. It's a cute frock, and I do have enough to make another, slightly bigger version. I just can't see that happening though, I've kind of moved on.