Saturday, April 25, 2009

More stitchinks

I had other play with the embroidery machine today.
I found some sweet free designs on the net - the swallow from Skully on, and the raygun from Henry's Home Page - he's one productive chap!

I bought some felt the other day, as it is meant to be good for test stitching designs.

They turned out well, so I made a cozy for the iPod out of them:

I think Mr Touchy McTouch will feel happy in there, it is lined with silk satin - luxurious!

Monday, April 20, 2009

First embroidery (almost)

Here is my first go at the new embroidery machine (well, I did stitch out a one-colour word first, but that isn't very exciting, ergo the 'almost').

I found the design one of the myriad sites on the internet with free embroidery (there are rayguns! and robots! and skulls! and dinosaurs!).

The white bits are the bobbin thread coming through - I need to do a bit of tension adjustment.

It is rather fun. I am investigating threads and stabilisers and all sorts of supplies. There is also the world of 'digitising' which is making one's very own designs for the machine... I think that is a way off though.

This weekend I'll be having a play making an iPod Touch cover with embroidered felt this weekend.