Sunday, March 04, 2007

It made me do it!

I just couldn't resist the fabric any longer, so I bought it on Friday and made it on Saturday, using Vogue 9668 (AKA Frenchy and Sweetie and Spinout) but made it a v-neck instead of a sweetheart.

BTW, she is a stretch woven. Did I mention I rather like stretch wovens? ...and a demonstration of the difference between Jane and I, as worn on my dinner date on Wednesday night.

I bought 2.5 and have heeeps left (1.2m! I always forget how very economical this pattern is).
I could:
a) get some emerald satin and make a wrap
b) make it into an overskirt for when I feel like a full-skirted frock (and also wear that as a separate skirt)
c) make a little jackety-capey thingy
d) make something completely different out of it.

I think I might need the pink next. Oh, and some of the other prints in the same range are quait naice too...

I'm now off with a mission: to fill at least one garbage bag with clothes to take to the oppie. The seven pairs of shoes the other weekend made me feel so very virtuous!