Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Scribbly Sew-off!

Moggy found this lovely scribbly patterned knit a while ago, and was kind enough to get some for me.
Today Moggy and I decided to sew it up, into very similar frocks as it happens. Does finishing first mean I won? I think it does. I didn't do a muslin though, so Moggy will have two frocks sewn today. Maybe I get line honours, like in the Sydney to Hobart, but Moggy wins overall.

So really, we're both winners!

This is the first pattern I've used from the auction lot too! Very easy, only two pattern pieces, and no darts! (well, a little one in the back armhole...quaint)


moggy said...

That turned out very nicely, Ms Opponent! I shall get my pics in order forthwith so that the world can judge... but we really do both win.

What will this do for Sydney - Melbourne rivalry?

Shannon said...

What a great dress. It looks smashing on you!

Carol said...

I have this pattern! I'm going to give it a go now.

lsaspacey said...

Great job! I love this one and the pattern looks cool. I like how the shoulder wraps over to the other side. I may have to look for this one.