Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Xmas Shoppinks

I popped out to the various sales over the last couple of days. Clegs Fabrics in Melbourne have had their annual $5 pattern sale so I picked up the following:

Simplicity 2550 - high waisted dress with sleeve variations:

McCalls 6081 - I have a (possibly misguided) idea that this will make a good tripfit (long version of course):

Butterick 5315 - peterpan collar. That is all I need to say.

New Look 6886. I have some sweet green-and-flower wallpaper stripe that I want to try chevroning for view A.

New Look 6000. I actually bought this a few weeks ago and had a go at sewing it. Sadly I used a one way stretch - the wrong way! I'll have another go using it the right way, as even though it didn't fit it looks promising.

New Look 6968 - nice scarf/tie detail and li'l cap sleeves:

I also went to Spotlight and picked up a couple of Kwik Sew patterns at 1/2 price (Clegs don't carry them).
3726 - teddy and slip and 3761 a ruched-bodice summer frock

I also picked up a whole lotta shirring thread at $1 per spool (shirring ahoy!) and some variegated embroidery thread at the bargain price of $1 for a pack of 6 spools.

Oh, and I might've accidentally gone to Metro Sewing Centre and an new Elna 845 combo overlocker (serger) / coverstitch machine may have fallen into my bag...

I tried out a fine rolled hem on some silk habutai:

and a coverstitch hem on some ponti:

Can't wait to play more!


kitty said...

Mmm new machinery!
What a shame it's back to work for you tomorrow! You could be playing with Elna

Carol said...

Oh, how wonderful! If it ever stops raining and I am able get out of my valley, I plan to go to Tweed Heads and see if there are any lonely coverstitch machines.

Gail said...

Great patterns! I want to add a coverstitch machine to my equipment. I have a fabulous serger but it doesn't have a coverstitch.

Rachel said...

I've made simplicity 6886, views A and C, and I'd recommend muslin-ing the bodice and sleeves on them - I found the straps too long on view A, and a funky shape and too big on view C. Just a heads up.

I can't wait to see what you make out of all those patterns!

Moggyo said...

Thanks Rachel! Was that your review on Pattern Review or was it someone else with the same issue?
I'm usually a bit lazy to muslin but I think I'd better for that one...