Sunday, October 06, 2013

Better late than never?

Anyone would think I'd given up sewing. Not the case, but I haven't been blogging 'cos I can't seem to take a decent pic (not like Kitty, she's got the knack!). Anyway, hopefully these will give the general idea. Here is today's Sunday sewing output:
First up is an rose print knit fabric - it's a bit ITY like, nice and drapey. It's a recent eBay buy - I also got brown background / orange rose and navy background / pink rose - hey, I like a giant rose!
It's the top from New Look 6735, extended into a dress. I've made a few of these, very quick to sew and show off a print well - only a couple of hours to sew too. I love the neckband, a very clean and neat finish. Excellent travel frock too, I took the plain black one with me on the last trip.

Next up is a frock made of Erin Michael's 'Lush Uptown' paint-by-numbers quilting fabric - I've wanted this ever since I saw it AFTER it was out of print a couple of years ago - luckily it's recently been reprinted (and is already hard to find, but I found a great eBay seller with it). I used my tried and true (this must be the fifth or sixth one I've made) Butterick Retro 6522 - this is a great pattern for a bold print as the lines don't interfere with the pattern. I made this to go and see The Handsome Family on Saturday night - somehow the deers seem appropriate!

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kitty said...

In love with that paint by numbers fabric! In love!