Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If you're going to San Francisco...

Don't forget to try to be there on the first Sunday of the month for the Alameda Flea Market. It's yoooooge! Glamorously, I flew back from San Francisco today. Here's my Kittyhaul from the market:
(above) A cool floral western shirt, a belt with blue flowers, an apron pattern (it has sewing themed transfers!), a floral princess line dress in a thick cotton and original fifties curtains! All gen-you-wine vintage items! Score! (I regret not buying the red and white 50s slingback sandals though. I knew I would. Oh well. I hope they make someone very happy)
(above) Did I mention it was huge? This is just a snippet. You can see how far back it goes, and it was wiiiide too. (That's the San Francisco skyline in the background, if you look carefully) The flea market is held at the naval yard that 'Mythbusters' often use for crashing things. The parking lot was just as huge, we almost lost the car.
(above) Gratuitous tourist shot of Lombard Street.
I went to Britex fabrics, but only bought haberdashery items. The fabric was expensive, and I didn't see any have to haves. I did buy some fabric though, on Haight Street. More on that later.


moggy said...

Nice haul, Kittikins, but I would only be surprised if you didn't return with bootiful things. You are a shopper extraordinaiiiirrree.

Kristy said...

Oh you are glam - 50s fair, gorgeous vintage fashions AND San Francisco, I'm so jealous! I've nominated you both for blog awards by the way, please check my blog if you'd like to continue the chain, but if you don't tragedy is certain to befall your sewing machine (ha ha just kidding!)

Sarah said...

Britex is wonderful to look at, and if you want something particular it is great, but in terms of everyday, general purpose fabrics it is hard to buy from. But I love them, dearly, and I'm ever so jealous that you were in SF. I miss it so.