Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sometimes you're in the mood for a quick frock

...and this one sure is quick! I love the fact that no zip was needed - although i might make an inside belt from elastic, because this corded knit lace is heavy... drapes nicely. I will wear it with a belt anyway. I was going to be all dedicated and finish the neck and sleeves with foldover elastic (my new best friend) but i just overlocked, turned and zigzagged - very very forgiving fabric this one, you can't see a thing on the right side.

I hope you appreciate how I have hidden Jane's internal organs this time (with some pink netting). The frock is actually quite see through - I am imagining her with pale pink slip, or a bold red satin one. I will get a proper picture of it on me instead of Jane, I promise. It isn't really as shapeless as it looks.

This is the corded knitted lace on a white table.

It will be fiiiine with some dress clips!

Today I bought some thickish black cotton/lycra for t-shirts - apparently good quality shaped set-in sleeve t-shirts that come down below one's waist don't exist. I hope I have a decent pattern somewhere for such a thing. I also got some great thick cotton twill with heaps of stretch for travel pants - the knowledgeable lady at GJ has used the yoga pant pattern and recommends it (but i might use some other stuff to muslin them, this material was cheap but not replaceable...) Or I could just make the Vogue bootlegs without the zip.

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frockalicious said...

lovely. I approve mightily of Jane's new collarbone-hiding garment, but I think she needs a corset. She doesn't have your hourglass figure.