Monday, July 27, 2009

I was made for lining you baby (not!) and Owls

I have cut out and sewn together the lining for the jacket, but when it came to cutting away for the vent in the back it said to cut away on the left side, and I assumed that meant the left side of the 'right' side (as opposed to 'wrong' side). Not thinking lining was I? The right side of lining sits against the body of course. D'oh. So I've flounced away for a while. Harrumph!

This trauma has sent me a-knitting. I started 'Owls' by Kate Davies. (ravelry link). It's a free pattern, and so cute! I always get the urge to knit wooly jumpers when the weather starts to warm up. This is a quick knit so far though, so I might sneak in a few wears before the end of the socks and cardigan season.
This is how much I knit on the weekend, I love bulky yarn! As you can see, I was terribly original with my choice of colour, ie I'm using exactly the same shade of grey (although it looks a little different in this pic):
The yarn is Moda Vera 'Mousse', which is 70% wool and 30% soya. It's very nice to knit, and thankfully doesn't seem like it will be itchy to wear.

I went to the designer's website and saw this paper dolls jumper. Another cutie!


moggyo said...

Can't wait to see those owls in situ!

Cindy said...

I love the owls! I have been thinking about getting out my needles!

Nadia said...

Owls is so cute!

tiddleywink said...

I so very much want an owl sweater of my very own! It will be lovely.