Sunday, January 25, 2009

Black skirt: Burda 7947

I have made a few black skirts, yet I never seem to reach for the black skirts I've made without wishing they were in different weight fabric, were a bit longer, were a bit more flattering, were higher/lower waisted. Or maybe I just get sick of them/the style quickly. I think this one is on the way to being a favourite for quite some time. It's Burda 7947, view C, and it is a very nice pattern indeed.

It's made in a nice thick stretch cotton, the same stuff from which I made S's Shirley dress recently, and the princessy sort of seaming front and back makes for a flattering fit.

I shortened the skirt, and didn't do the topstitching because I thought it might pucker between the topstitching and the seams a bit, and it probably wouldn't show up on the black too well anyway for all the 'sitting quietly, paying attention' it takes. This pattern starts at burda size 36, and I'm a 34, so I took in the side seams about 1cm. I also left off the belt loops; just didn't want.

Excuse the poor photo, it was 40 degrees Celcius yesterday, I wasn't going to set up a tripod or stay out there for any length of time; I didn't even press it properly...ironing = more heat. So here's the arm's length shot, sweat included.


moggy said...

She turned out very well - I don't think you need the top stitching on this one at all.
Roll on cool changes...

Terri said...

Great skirt. I really like the v-shaped yoke.