Monday, January 26, 2009

Simplicity 2848

My first Project Runway pattern, Simplicity 2848. Lots of options is good!
The inspiration for this frock was a Cue pinny in grey flannel, so I changed the pattern a little to reflect that, by putting small pleats on the straight pinny piece and squaring off the pocket flaps.

The neckline is a little wonky. I thought I had done a better job than that, but I shall blame the very thick fabric for that...maybe I shouldn't have self-lined the yoke.

It doesn't look as wrinkly in real life, I don't like these photos much at all, yet I like the dress a lot.

I didn't make the blouse, but it was another reason I needed a black pinafore, it's sheer and tent-like and I find it unwearable on its own, but- pink!black!spots!


Sewuptight said...

Your dress looks great. I like the pockets.

moggy said...

The blouse looks great with this. Go pinny!

Anonymous said...

Very Cute ! You have a lovely shape :) I agree, the lining of the neckline should have been of a lighter weight fabric to get a better look . It looks great on you and I too love the pockets!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have this pattern, but am missing the second page of instruction starting with instruction no.12. Is there any way you could take a photo of both sides of this page and send it to me? I have it all cut out and ready to go and only just realised that this is missing....very frustrating!!