Thursday, June 26, 2008

New look 6726, and more

I made two frocks last weekend. Here is one of them:

and here is my photographer's assistant checking the lighting:
It's New Look 6726:
I made the version without front gathers, but with button tabs on the shoulders. I also added the button tabs at the empire waist, but didn't check the pattern before buying the buttons, so I didn't realise that the tabs went around the back of the dress too, requiring 6 buttons. I had four. I'd bought those four buttons in Melbourne, and I was back in Sydney. Hmm. I wanted this dress NOW. So I folded the tabs in half and topstitched to the side seam, only adding buttons at the front. I can't see the buttons on the back when I'm wearing it after all! Sorted!

I don't usually take in-progress photos when I'm sewing, mainly because I'm a 'I want a new frock to wear tonight!' type of girl, not a 'I'll stop and take a helpful photo' type.
I did pause during the making of this dress to take this photo of my beloved new invisible zip foot in action:
Afterwards, after feeling smugly helpful, I had to do this:

I had twisted the zip tape. I'm never being helpful again.
Today I put the dress on and the zip pull came off. I can't actually pull the zip down, so I shall have to have it surgically removed by Mr M this evening. Pliers may be necessary.

I went to the new location for Remnant Warehouse today, (fab, by the way. So spacious!) and bought some red, some white, and some navy bengaline. The 'Out of the Ashes' patterns arrived two days ago! So quick!
Guess which two frocks I'm making? Warning - Might be obvious:

I also bought some cute black and whites, a skull print and a rose print, in (gasp!) polyester! (hangs head in shame):

But how cute will they be in the sleeveless-with-tie blouse shown at the bottom of this post?
This post is long enough. I'll post the second frock later.


moggy said...

1) That is a mighty cute pinny
2) Your camera sure does a fine macro! I believe I have never seen a zipper foot look so fine
3)Damn the need for a quickunpic
4)Nnooo the zipper pull-right-off
5)Remind me why I didn't get you to buy me some of that there skull fabric?

The Mad Tatter said...

Too cute! *sigh* yet another pattern to buy!

My sister recently pulled the zipper pull off an invisible zip and we actually had to cut her out of the skirt...fortunately, I was able to cut along the zip tape, which is going to have to be replaced anyway, so no real damage was done to the skirt. Whew! Good luck and can't wait to see the rockin' blouses!

P.S. Thanks for checking out my blog!

the_lazymilliner said...

Kitty - l love the mix of patterns. I did a double take on your 'assistant.' From the back, he looks like my assistant, although yours looks more helpful.

Bex said...

Ohh metal inv zipper foot- can I ask where you got it? (also, out of curiosity what kind of machine do you have?)

kitty said...

Hi Bex,
I bought the invisible zipper foot in Tokyo! I have seen similar ones here, at sewing machine retailers, and there are some on ebay usually. I love it! I (usually) find it quicker and easier to put in an invisible zip using one of these than it is putting in a regular zip, and they look so...invisible!
I have a Janome 625e Sewist, a Christmas gift from Mr M. I loooove the up/down needle position button and the automatic buttonhole.