Saturday, January 10, 2015

Butterick 4607

I made another thing which is not a double knit boat-neck frock so I felt I could blog it.

I have been looking for some wobbly rayon challis to make a button front shirt, but not having much luck finding prints I like. Anybody seen any cute prints, which are not multicoloured florals?

I found this cotton voile at Spotlight and there was 1.4 metres left on the bolt, which was enough to make this shirt, minus the front and back yokes.  I would have had enough to make pockets, but nah.  I'm happy with the print as it is.

I used my vintage buttonholer again, ahhhh so easy and fun!  I also sewed on the buttons using my sewing machine. WHY WASN'T I TOLD THIS WAS SO EASY?

I used the method I saw in this youtube tutorial: 

using my new-to-me Bernina 801 I got for $37 at our local auctions!  Hurrah!  I took the presser foot off and used my low shank adaptor.  It worked perfectly.


lucy tartan said...

Awesome shirt. I saw that fabric and wanted to buy some but inconveniently I happened to remember how much fabric I already had at home. Now I'm wishing I'd bought it anyway.

kitty said...

Ha! Lucy. I get stash amnesia in the presence of fabrics I like! Stashnesia?