Sunday, January 17, 2010

Florals for everybody!

I made another Vogue 3013 the other day, in some cherry blossom fabric I bought in Tokyo nearly 2 years ago. This pattern is like my fitting shell, it fits me so well. I must remember to trust the pattern though, and not panic and do small seam allowances before I put the zip in. I pulled it around my body prior to zip insertion, and convinced myself it was going to be too small. Of course as soon as I put the zip in it was all gape-a-rama up the top. I probably need to become one of those ladies who scribble all over my pattern envelopes. "Trust the pattern, Kitty!" Wouldn't that make a nice mystery for its next owner?

I also made Simplicity 2614 in cotton voile I bought at Pitt Trading. It was supposed to be the non-tie version, which it was for a while, until I noticed this:

Yes, the largest flowers over the bewbies. Not anatomically correct, but not a good look in any case. Sigh. And I was careful cutting out, or so I thought. The gathers might have pulled them in to that awkward position.
I consulted Moggy, nip-crisis counsellor, who suggested making the tie to distract the eye. She was right, and the blouse is saved, see:

I like it even more now, and I must remember that V-neck cotton tops always look a bit like scrubs to me. (I should scribble that on the pattern envelope. "Cotton + V-neck = Scrubby") The tie helps scrub out the scrubbiness.

Also, I had to re-cut the front facing on this pattern, due to it being a good 10cm too small on the size 8! I did the neck facings 3 times in all, what with them being too small, Then putting the corrected ones on, then ripping them out to put the collar/tie on, which meant cutting more facings... and cotton voile is no friend of the seam ripper. Under that neckline is ugly and holey my friends.

All this for a work top. This is why I don't like making clothes to wear to work. Frocks rarely give me this much trouble.


livebird said...

The effectiveness of the tie distraction is astonishing. I'm thinking how I might apply this technique in my own life. Food stains begone... only I will know I spilled my breakfast down my front. Underperforming at work? No one will notice with this jaunty tie.

That Moggy, some kind of genius, non?

moggyo said...

That rock background is the epitome of glamour! The frock is lovely and the blouse looks ace with the tie. Nice save!

Rachel said...

that dress is absolutely stunning!!

Shannon said...

Oh, that Vogue dress fits you like a glove! The top is pretty darn fabulous too!

Darla: Retro Ways said...

The first dress came out stunning, it fits you like a dream!


Gail said...

I think I have to get down to Pitt Trading. Lovely fabrics, particularly like the sun dress. You've achieved a dream fit on all the garments.

Handmade said...

Gorgeous dress and a great solution to the booby drama - well done!