Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sister Navy of the Beutrons

...that's what Moggy suggested I call her. I had to take her in and up a lot to prevent that 'novice nun' look. I took in the bodice and armscyes a bit too much perhaps because putting the sleeves in became a challenge. I had to reshape the sleevecaps to fit them in, but I managed. The stretch of bengaline keeps it all comfortable and I can still move!

I probably took it in too much across the chest, looking at it now, but hey, no one will notice because they'll be checking out how that huuuuuge white collar matches my pasty white skin.


moggy said...

She's saucy! She's sassy! she has a yuuuge collar!

What has happened to us, sewing navy? It's odd, but I like it!

Sarah said...

That one is incredible, too. You have to have the world's best wardrobe :)

Allison said...

wow finally i have come across a pattern i havbe that someone has made and put up online

it looks great sewn up :-)

p.s all your dresses are wonderful.