Wednesday, April 15, 2009

pretty parasols

I'm off to Sydney this weekend to join Kitty for an excursion to the Sydney Vintage Show, so of course I had to make a new frock.

This is another version of Simplicity 3774. Although for some odd reason it is a bit small - either I did smaller seams last time, or I've grown a bit.... I might have to bust out the superstrength girdle!
The fabric is a pretty parasol print cotton (I think) that I bought five or so years ago in the LA fabric district and has been maturing in the stash.

Oh, and I might also have accidentaly have bought one of these...


kitty said...

rowr! I haven't decide what I'm going to wear, I may have to do a fashion parade for you when you get here so you can help me decide.

An embroidery machine! How swish! What's the first project?

Pixie said...

oh my stars, if I saw that dress in a shop I'd be jumping up and down! It's so pretty. Is that a cotton fabric? I'm sure it's nice to wear, but does it crease up a lot...or could I make myself one to wear to work? Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful trip.

moggy said...

Why thank you Pixie. I think it is cotton, it certainly has the feel of it. I find the more fitted cotton dresses don't crease too much if you wear a slip (which I usually do).