Monday, July 02, 2007

Its curtains for me!

Hoorah eBay lady, here is my yards 'n' yards (well, it did come from the USA) of nice heavy mambo barkcloth - a little rustier in person, but since the room in which they are going - nay, even the windowdoors they are covering - is not yet complete, I can build my decor around them.

Now to contemplate just what curtainage / blindage / panelage to make them into... shall have to seriously ponder these important isssewwws.


kitty said...

Fabulous! I look forward to swizzling my martini in your living room, wearing an adorable cocktail frock.

Lisa @ The Hem Line said...
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Lisa @ The Hem Line said...

love this fabric . . . please post a photo of your room when you finish. I am thinking of doing something similar in my teen son's room. He is yearning for Hawaiian, but I think this might be a great compromise!

livebird said...

Madame Moggy, have you seen this?

$4.95 = cheap!!

I made 6 full length curtains recently. It took me months because I put it off for soooo long. So very worth it, though. Gorgeous and insulative.

If you want to drop me a line sometime, please do! Address is on left column on We should at least exchange ebay logins so we don't particpate in bidding wars against one another!