Sunday, August 24, 2008

This just in...Fifties Fair Kittyhaul!

The Fifties Fair was today! Yesterday Moggy and I had our traditional Saturday-before-the-Fair festival of fabric shopping to get our mojo limbered up. (oh boy, the mojos got limber! We bought a tonne of fabric. More on that in a later post)

Because today is all about the Fifties Fair!
Here's my haul:
(above) Some of the patterns I bought, along with some nice grey, blue and pink vintage cotton. 1.8 metres, enough for a sunfrock, yay!

... some more patterns, and some vintage floral cotton, which Moggy and I shared as there was about 4.6 metres of it. I don't know what this fabric might become yet.

Enid Gilchrist pattern books. There's some beauties in there. The fabric is another vintage cotton, and I see it becoming a full skirted shirtwaister. With pink buttons.

1950s house plans! Now I won't need an architect once I find that large, wide plot of land with a view, in inner Sydney. There's gotta be heaps of those about. I can just give this booklet to the builder. I've not built a house before, but I think that's how it works. Just give me number 403 or number 188 I'll say. I'm sure it won't be a problem.

(Oh, and if you said hello to me at the fair because you recognised the frock I was wearing, I'm sorry I was such a stunned mullet! My (very) limited social skills escaped me, and I didn't even ask your name! I put it down to not having been recognised for the blog before... *blush* ...and I was rendered almost speechless. Please forgive!)


gaile said...

omg that houseplans book! I covet deeply! if you ever tire of it, do let me know and I will happily, joyfully, purchase it from you in a blink. We want to build a house someday and I can tell those are just what the architect ordered. :)

moggy said...

What a haul! I have just reviewed mine and it is embarrassingly tiny... I shall post anyway, and make up the difference with Saturday's cornucopia.

fdw said...

Oh dear - don't be contrite! It was nice to see you both looking so lovely at the fair. I had to dash off to catch up with the man and boy (he had cars on the mind) so a proper introduction was tricky. I'm the fellow remnant warehouse shopper that is kicking herself for not having more patience with the patterns at the fair. Ah well, the gorgeous sheets of buttons that I added to my stash will make up for it!

crybaby said...

how lovely.

i woke up on sunday morning sick in the tummy so missed the fair - very sad.

i won't be sick for the vintage fair!!!!

livebird said...

Hey Kitty,

LOVE that crazy 60s pattern that looks like an artfully tied garbage bag. Any chance you could post pics of the pattern pieces or more construction info??

Tracy said...

Oh you'll be addicted to Enid patterns they are wonderful :)