Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today I made another shirtwaister from the same pattern in the previous post. This fabric I bought at the fifties fair two, maybe more years ago.
The fabric was only 90cm wide and 2.5 metres long, so sadly three quarter sleeves were not an option.

It's been a dark and rainy day today. Perfect for a day in front of the sewing machine, but sadly not so good for photos of frocks. The flash has weirded out the colour. I'll try to take a photo during the day and update this post when the sun comes out next.

Newsflash! Now with outdoor in the sun shot.


moggy said...

And yet her loveliness shines through! I like the short sleeves - sleeve variety is a nice thing to have, is it not?

tea said...

That pattern yields impressive results!
(Also: Hello! I found you through sew retro.)

moggy said...

...move towards the light, move towards the light... ah, she's even more fetching when you can see her detail