Sunday, May 30, 2010

I am Heidi (and so can you!)*

I finally got back into sewing this weekend - it felt fab.

Why did it take me so long to get onto the Heidi bandwagon? She's a good quick sew, and just plain lovely! I shoulda know when such stylish and tasteful sewing ladies such as Livebird, Erin Dressaday and my sewing compadre kitty have made such nice frocks.

Here's my (very) wearable muslin:

7cm length added to bodice (it's rather a highwaisted pattern, and I'm longwaisted at the best of times) - thanks to Livebird for this one!

I didn't use the Heidi skirt -as I've said before, Burda do seem to put fussy (in my opinion) details on their patterns that seem to make things fiddly to make. Also, you wouldn't have been able to see the centre panel etc it in the busy pattern. I used the plain pencil skirt from New Look 6699, and made the darts into pleats.

I made it in a stretch woven I got for $2.50/m at Spotlight - if (when!) I make this in a non-stretch I'll need to add a couple of centimetres. I might change the back bodice pleats into darts, but I'll see how I feel when I've testdriven the frock tomorrow.

I think I'll make it out of the rose on the right here. I've made a frock in the deer print on the left, but that isn't quite finished yet... and now I wish it was a Heidi.

* with apologies to Stephen Colbert.


kitty said...

Fun sew-along on the Heidis today, Moggy!
Loving your pretty, pretty version.

I'll post mine tomorrow, if I get a chance.
I have decided I'm over the fussy skirt too.

Anonymous said...

I have made two heidi dresses and love it. Some fiddling but it had good results. The skirt is a bit more difficult than in needs to be!

I love your version.

Gail said...

Love your dress and fabric choice. Is this a pattern that has to be printed off from the computer? I hate doing that.