Monday, May 31, 2010

Duelling Heidis

Moggy and I were making Heidis at the same time on the weekend, and had a virtual sew-along over the innernets. Fun! We used similar prints too, which I didn't know until she had finished her muslin.

This is my Heidi number 2, which I made out of a stash fabric to test the size 34 bodice. It's a much better fit than the 36, but I think I'll need to take a smidge out of the width of the neckline on the final version as it still gaps when I move. Although it may be the open pleats causing the billowing I guess. A small bust adjustment wouldn't hurt; I think Burdas are drafted for a C cup, aren't they? I'm no C.

The fabric is from the stash, a quilting cotton from a couple of years ago called 'Touched by the Sun' by RJR. (I can't find it online anywhere now.) It really didn't need lining, but I lined it for extra practise before doing the vintage fabric version. With the thick cotton lining it feels substantial, like a vintage frock. I'm enjoying that.
I am debating whether to do this skirt on the final version. There are 7 pieces (including the pockets) which make up just the front of this skirt, yikes! I do love the pockets, but a simpler skirt (like on Moggy's version yesterday) would look fine too, since the details are lost on these busy prints. I could always put in side seam pockets. What do you think?


moggyo said...

It was a jolly virtual two-state Heidithon!

As I have that very same fabric we were t-h-i-s close to making the EXACT SAME frock! Gasp!

I recommend the plain skirt - soooo quick!

Marie-Christine said...

OLD Burdas used to be graded for an A in small sizes, a B in medium ones, a C in larger ones etc. But alas that's all gone now, and when they added seam allowances to paper patterns they siwtched to a more US sort of basic block (gaping necklines being the main symptom), and a uniform B cup also. When was that, late 80s?? Can't remember exactly.

Which doesn't mean of course that many people don't need some sort of bust adjustment, or that some necklines don't gape particularly generously. Sigh.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I like that print! I often go to the trouble of putting pockets into skirts and dresses, but I would never actually put anything in them. I guess I just like being to put my hands in them in the pictures? It is a mystery.