Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some New Look lurve

Kitty and I were discussing today how lots of people feel the love for Burda. And we just can't seem to get on that Burda train. Apparently the fit is great; I don't know because I've never made one - the styles just don't appeal.

It's not you, Burda, it's me.

Luckily I don't need to do alterations on patterns (apart from sticking in a few cm in the midriff, which makes frocks fit better for long-waisted me), so as long as I check the finished pattern measurement before I choose my size I'm fine (We all do that, don't we? If you don't, you should, or else you risk too much ease, mateys! Nothing kills sass like too much ease!). So the whole fit thing isn't a big issue.

Of the modern patterns I do like New Look.

Hello, they say, I will be a dress for you! Let me be a coat! You'll love me and make me lots! Look at my midriff details and choices of styles! And I'm so cheap - quite frequently as little as $5! Isn't that worth a try?

here are some of my favourites:
Here's one I'm making at the moment (the coat, in black doubleknit with celadon satin lining)

And here is one on my to-make list (it gets rave reviews on PR).


kitty said...

And they quite often make the clothes look appealing in the catalogues and on the pattern covers too, unlike some. (I'm looking at you, kwik-sew)

MadeByAmanda said...

I want to love New Look, I really do, because they are so nicely priced. But I generally have fit issues with them, (witness the skirt I had to redo twice because even the smallest size was too big, although my measurements matched). And often they don't even come in the smallest size bracket, which is the one I wear.


livebird said...

My relationship with Burda goes like this:

Spring: Hello, Burda! You're all free and online and stuff! I'm giddy! We're going to have a great time!

Summer: Tra-la, still good, couple of nice things but lots of things I wouldn't touch with a bargepole (I'm talking to you, empirey smocky nonsenses and to you, shortshorts). Maybe I'll try this here top...

Autumn: Geez, assembling all these sheets of paper is kind of tedious. And I've run out of glue.

Winter: *#$^ing instructions in @*&$ing Germish, clunky stupid writing, why don't they get a native English speaker to proofread them, @#$*ing Burda....

Spring: Ooooh! I like that skirt! Maybe there's hope for us...

(I direct you here:
for the best-made version of the skirt that I'm still yet to post... this silk denim is something I need to know more about...)

moggy said...

OOh, Livebird, that is a nice looking version of that skirt.
Mind you, yours is mighty fine too - post post post! and while you're at it, how about Vogue 2980, huh huh?

Pushy, me?

lsaspacey said...

I'm on the New Look train! I have that faux wrap on my wish list too. I know they start at cheap, but do they EVER go on sale!

moggy said...

lsaspacey, they seem to be one of the few patterns that go on sale lots in Australia - often $5. (pauses to think about those 99c sales in the US we hear about, then realises the pattern stash would take over the entire house..).

I'm thinking of that fauxwrap in the skulls that Kitty bought the other day...