Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hello Sailor!

I've been obsessing about a sailor frock for some time now. I see patterns about every so often, but I've had the old "can't find anything else from this seller so not worth the postage" or "I'm not paying x dollars for that!" as I can't imagine having more that one sailor frock.

This was the closest (went for $7.99 I see). I have a number of vintage sewing books with how to draft a sailor collar, and my nicely fitting sloper pattern, so I decided to run one up myself.

Here she blows!
(Being that it is on Jane, who as previously mentioned is smaller of hip and bigger of waist than I, it doesn't look as sassy as it does in real life. When I wear her I will take a pic.).

I'm pleased. A fifties fair contender along with Rekkid.


kitty said...

I so hope, if you wear her to the fair, that a group of fellows start to serenade you with 'There is nothing like a dame!' She deserves it.

livebird said...

Just grand! Next: sailor cap and white flares!!


Why not??

moggy said...

A girl can hope!

..the serenading, not the white flares - that is the stuff of nightmares, Livebird!

Although I could see myself in a sailor cap.

samsara said...

Adorable. I salute you!

I love sailor dresses, they are timeless, fun and summery.

delamare said...

When you came for afternoon tea in this fetching frock, I didn't get you to show her off in all her glory ... you'll just have to wear her again when you come a-visiting!