Sunday, December 19, 2010

Makeup blogging

Oops, looks like I haven't made anything for the last month! I have really...

The weekend before last I made a frock for our work Christmas party held at the sumptuous Plaza Ballroom underneath the Regent Theatre.

I used some vintage-looking red brocade I've had sitting in the stash for some years. I used good ol' Vogue 9668 - unfortunately I made it a bit tight so had to take out the back midriff section, unpick the darts, and add a new slightly bigger one in... what a pain! But it all turned out nicely in the end

I also made a version of Made By Rae's free Buttercup Bag to go with the frock. I reduced it to 70% on the photocopier so it came out tiny - just right for my phone and keys.

A fine night was had by all!

This weekend I had the laziest Saturday - as in I did nothing bar read a book or two. I decided that Sunday should make up for it so I made a frock.

Last week I got a delivery from equilter of yards of fabric - so I preshrank some yesterday (OK, so I did one thing yesterday!). I got a couple of the Germania quilting fabrics - this one is a sort of petri dish arrangements of germlike things (the other looks like cell structures - haven't decided on what to make with that one yet).

I used New Look 6867 - it's rather like 6557, but with wider straps. I made view B, then decided to try the 'knots' - little bands that cinch the straps. I like the look so I'll keep them.

Then I decided I was on a roll so I should make another. Plus it rained and hailed today and 17c - it's meant to be Summer! No complaints here though, I hate hot weather.

So I got out this fab Tiki Totem quilting fabric and used another old reliable pattern - Butterick Retro 6522 - with New Look 6557 skirt. Such a quick sew this one!

One thing about all this rain - the garden sure is looking lush!


kitty said...

The tabs are fab on the germy frock, I'm glad you're keeping them.
Fabulous frocks, all!

petalrose said...

Wow, you look like Joan from Mad Men in that red dress! Go you....

Carol said...

I love the print on the second dress. I'm also going to steal your idea with that cute little bag. It's the perfect size. The first dress is very sexy. Up here in Byron Bay it's been raining for the last three months. I watched my lawn grow yesterday.

Steph said...

Vogue 9668 is such a goodie.

livebird said...

Brocade + germs. Bless. Gal after my own heart.

Gail said...

I love the red dress. It fits so well.