Thursday, January 14, 2010


I think this is a bolero, however the pattern (McCalls 5006) says 'shrug' - so I shall compromise with Shruglero!

I have a dress cut out to match this (New Look 6789), but as I've made it a couple of times before I thought I'd make this first.
I made view D, with 3/4 sleeves. It is supposed to be lined, but since it has a front facing and raised back neck band, I took a chance and left it out - it worked just fine.

I need to decide what button to use to fasten the front - I have a squillion buttons, but none quite right!


kitty said...

Surely the enormous stash-o-green buttons will throw up a gem, just right for shruglero (tm)!
What about a grey button?
What about a brooch to go with its old fashioned retroness?
What about I stop now?

livebird said...

That fabric is a stupendous example of one of my favourite genres, Roses That Are The Wrong Colour. Love it.

Carol said...

Go to All Buttons Great and Small and get a big old purple button as loud as you can stand. I bought a resin one in green last year that would look fantastic on that bolero. It's about the size of a flattened ping pong ball. I love that purple rose fabric and I can't wait to see it in a dress. My imagination is seeing a wiggle dress, but I can also see a June Cleaverish shirtwaister. I want some!