Monday, January 26, 2009


I got this seventies pattern (sans cover) at the Lost and Found market the other week.

I wanted a fauxhalter (that is, looks like a halter but has a back) so I cut away some of the sleeve - I think I might scoop out a bit more. Sadly, the zip is pretty bad - I didn't have an invisible zip so I used a normal one - it's very rippley (and not in an Alien way) and I might have to do it again. I did a side zip instead of the back one as called for in the pattern. As you can see I am cleverly hiding it with my hand.

I also used the trusty skirt from New Look 6557 instead of the six-gore skirt in the pattern.
Fabric from Clear It in Brunswick street.

I think I need to make a few half slips - I have a fair few halter dresses which I can't wear full slips under, and also quite a stash of silk and lace trim. Plus, they will be quick to make...

Cue gratuitous picture of new and and existing kittehs in passout mode :

NB: his head isn't really three times bigger than hers - merely 1/3.


kitty said...

Aw, for cohabiting kitties.
The frock turned out nicely. How can you not have any invisible zips...didn't we buy a bundle when I was down there? Have you made that many frocks already?
If you have, well, kudos! *golf clap*

moggy said...

I don't know, I think maybe I wasn't concentrating... that, and I decided to use a red zip...

They seem to be getting on well, thank goodness.

Meg said...

Hi girls, love reading your blog, I nominated you for a kreativ blogger award, check it out at my blog, cheers.