Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Christmas sewing

This is a Christmas present for Mr M. He knows about it, but he doesn't want to see it too much before Christmas Day, so it is will be fresh and new in his mind. Hence the washing line shots on a windy day.

I used this pattern again but modified the things he wasn't especially keen on in the first version: changed the shape of the side curves so his t-shirts aren't visible poking out, and made the collar smaller, and a little crisper with firmer interfacing. I also changed the shape of the sleeve cap, because the sleeves in this pattern are impossible to ease without almost becoming almost full puff sleeves.

I've cut out another reversible purse for another present. I have Christmas cards to write, but sewing is so much more rewarding.

Edited to add: photos of the finished purse.
Made in eyelet and black/silver chinese brocade. I don't recommend using such different fabrics together because they were horrible to sew individually and a nightmare together, and it will only be a practical bag with the eyelet outside. I think the recipient will like it though. I do like how the silver wrong side of the brocade looks behind the eyelet.


moggy said...

Charming! I am still in contemplation phase for a couple o' christmas present bags meself

moggy said...

Ooooh, that bag is swish! You know I might have to make one, don't you?