Sunday, December 14, 2008

astroturf.... I mean astrobag

Bag-making fever is upon us (Delamare, if you are reading this, don't let A Certain Person see this).

I had a request to make a bag for my niece for xmas. I searched the wonders of the web and found tiny happy's shoulder bag tutorial. It looked lovely, I searched the stash - and lo and behold, the astrobag:

I made it up a little differently - I sewed the inside pockets before sewing up the bottom seam, and left an opening for turning in the top rather than the bottom, and put the top of the strap together from the inside (same method as one uses for sleeveless lined tops).

I like it, in fact I want to keep it - but I shall just have to make myself another (and it reminds me I must find just the right frock to make out of the astrodot fabric!)


kitty said...

So nice to see astrodots escape the stash, even if it's only a little bit.
That looks like a very handy bag pattern. You will have to tutor me on the strap technique, when I decide to make one.

moggy said...

Perhaps you could make one on your forthcoming visit. It is pretty easy once you see it (just takes a bit of manipulation)

kbenco said...

The bags are very cute and I love the Western shirt. My Mr wants another shirt for Christmas too, but I think he may be out of luck, Christmas is a bit close, and shirts are fiddly!

delamare said...

A Certain Person is going to LOVE it! I will hide your blog over the next ten days.

She is also about the bag these days. And sewing in general ... I want to find a suitable pattern to make a soft toy with her over the holidays, maybe using pretty fabrics from some of her old clothes I've saved from when she was little. Any ideas?

moggy said...

I'd do a search on 'softies', Delamare. Here is something to get you started: