Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yeeeha! It's western day! (now with full length jacket pic)

I should really have pressed this first, but when Mr M has time available to model, well, you have to take it.

Another brown western shirt, from a 70s pattern this time, and a dark chocolate colour. I like the slim fit, and Mr M says he likes it. Brown is apparently the hardest colour to find in a plain western style shirt, so Mr M says. He would know.

Frocks are so much more fun to make! Did I really promise him a corduroy one of these? I think I shall have to beg off, due to warm weather, and urgent frock making requirements. He won't be wearing corduroy shirts again for at least 8 months anyway.

I bought a leather jacket at St Vinnie's today, blazer length, with patch pockets. It's western style too. I have yokes on the brain.
(Edited to add, by popular demand, full pic of jacket and pocket detail, and to beg appreciation for modelling it on a 31 degree day. You're welcome, Moggy)


moggy said...

Mr M really does make a fine model - you could put together your own catalogue!

And that leather jacket - what a find! Yokes are ace. Can one see it on?

moggy said...

I appreciate the effort, truly I do!

MadeByAmanda said...

I like the western shirt, looks very nice. I sewed my husband a shirt recently, and I was surprised to learn I actually enjoyed it, and now i want to make myself a shirt with a collar. I had been scared of collars, before.

Darla said...

Good post.