Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rack it to me

I took this morning off work to take delivery of the magazine rack I bought at Exoffice furniture (I do love ex-office furniture shops!).

I saw this with Kitty when she was down a little while ago, but I resisted. However, I popped into the shop the other weekend and it was still there, calling me like a little orphan kitten - how could I refuse the little mews of a poor lonely magazine rack? Wouldn't it love to be filled with books and paperie?

I have done a preliminary fill with some patterns and my sewing books.

It is only now I realise that I have four different editions of the McCalls Sewing book, three editions of the Singer one, and two identical copies of 'Successful Dressmaking' by Ellen and Marietta Resek - basically a pattern cutting book with some lovely styles. No wonder I have it twice!

I wondered why I hadn't seen that book much on the internet, then realised it is Australian - published in Melbourne in fact. You can sometimes find it on eBay.

I also realised no-one calls it 'dressmaking' nowadays. I say - long live the dress!

I've also rediscovered the lovely set of Women's Institute dressmaking books (late 20s - early 30s I think) that I hauled back from a United Kingdom holiday a few years ago.


Stacy said...

How wonderfully fun! I'd love to organize my things similarly.... everything is so jumbled. Enjoy!

kitty said...

Well, you kept that quiet! Nice one!

livebird said...

You, ma'am, are a big ol' sewing book nerd, yes indeedy. Go on. Dewey decimalise them. I dare ya.

Linda said...

What a great piece of furniture. I have never heard of Exoffice, I would like to visit one. This will be so useful, I am envious.

Shay said...

Oh, the WI books are great! I have about a dozen.

Shay said...
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disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.