Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Girly skulls

I've been a bit of a sewing fiend lately, despite the very pleasant and sunny winter we are having in Sydney so far. Why leave the house for walks on the beach, or lunch in an outdoor cafe, when you can hunch over a sewing machine in a draughty kitchen? Not me!
This is what I came up with for the skull jersey I bought last week. I used the sleeveless blouse pattern, but changed it to a pull-on top. I didn't think buttons would sit well anyway on this floppy fabric. I cut a v-neck so I could get it over my head.
I haven't tried it on with the pinafore yet, but I think it will suit it well, and give the sweet pinny a subtly sinister edge.


moggy said...

I love the subtlety of that print! Would make the ideal "lift-huh?" dress (the sort that when you are in the lift, people smile at your outfit then look bemused when they realise it's SKULLS!)

toy said...

I love the collar on this top, love it

Kristy said...

fantastic job on your shirt, it looks really good on you. I have this pattern and coincidentally enough also the Butterick 4029 dress you posted about in your last post, haven't made either but I think you have inspired me to get cracking on them!

Linda said...

Cute blouse. Very nice fit.

Anonymous said...

ok, cool... i just added even more another emo backgrounds at my blog