Saturday, April 05, 2008

Umbilical hat

Doesn't this look like a mugshot? The harsh lighting, the slightly out of it expression...I wonder what Humphrey would be arrested for? Indecent exposure probably, he never does wear pants.
My friend H (not Humphrey) is in hospital this very minute, hopefully well on her way to pushing out a baby. This afternoon and evening I knitted up this baby hat, the umbilical hat from Stitch n Bitch.
I intended to make a pillow from some cute fabric I bought in Japan, but I didn't feel like sewing today. Maybe tomorrow.


moggy said...

That is such a lovely green.

It does look mugshotty. Does the hat roll down to make a cute baby balaclava?

Sarah said...

I should think it would be obvious: Humphrey was arrested for not wearing any pants. Poor thing, he was an orphan, no one taught him any better.