Monday, March 31, 2008


Tokyo has amazing craft and sewing stores. One of the first ones Moggy and I went to was Yuzawaya, in Kichijoji.
Like everywhere in Japan, there is no easy way to find even an eight storey craft emporium, due to the (former) adorable custom of numbering buildings in the order they were built, rather than having regular street numbers. We knew it was near the train station, and it was eight storeys, how hard could it be?
Well, there are many eight storey buildings around most train stations in Tokyo, and surprise! most of their signs are written in Japanese! Who knew?
Fortunately, eagle-eye-Mogster spotted this knitting sheep logo, and we were there. Oh the notions! The fabric! The sewing machine feet! We both bought metal invisible zipper feet for our Janomes (they deserve gifts), and I bought a topstitching foot, which has a little guide to keep topstitching straight.
Topstitching, my nemesis, prepare for checkmate!


moggy said...

Mmm, that reminds me I have to find that zipper foot to try it out (sadly we couldn't find piping feet, but that is what eBay is for... and it may well be that the metal zipper feet do the trick anyway.

delamare said...

I'm glad some of your relatives got some pretty pressies, as well as your Jamomes!