Saturday, April 05, 2008

Not related at all to the trip...

... unless you count 'refreshed wish to sew from exposure to new places' that is.

Here is a nice skirt, made from a thin fur from my stash (I reckon I have had this fabric for a good ten years) and the tried and trusted mid eighties Vogue 7074 (50c from an opshop in Preston).

This fabric is very similar to what one of my sofas is upholstered in - different colour but same fabric.

I added a few inches to the bottom of the skirt and sewed the back all the way down (no split) - one should wiggle in this skirt, methinks.

Hmm, I have some leopard left over. I'm thinking of a collar or suchlike on a little black top... time to review the pattern 'n fabric stash.