Saturday, October 27, 2007

Doncha wish your loungerooms were hot like ours...?

Well, doncha?
I have decided to go with the white blind, although the curtain fabric is to die for. The view out of the window is of the neighbour's bathroom window and fence, and it's a bit grim. Whenever I opened the curtain to let the light in I would close it again right away. Sigh.
So it was either live in the dark, or have a blind. Having the fabric there also made the room feel much smaller, and the blind recedes into the window frame and makes the room feel bigger. With our little house, we need every centimetre of space, real or imagined. By the way, the curtain pic was taken during the day, the blind pic was taken at night, in case you were wondering. How good are those curtain ring clips though? Love you, curtain clips!
The fabric may be reincarnated as cushions, for when our new couch arrives. Soon!
Hmm, frock and roll appears to have become a bit of a home dec blog lately.
We will resume our normal programming shortly. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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moggy said...

sofistaked or what!

I heart the curtain clips. yay for only having to stitch hems!