Sunday, October 28, 2007

ruh roh.

I bought another pattern on ebay. Somebody stop me! From Stellablue Vintage Sewing. Mmmmm.
I bought it because I want to make the frock shown in blue, on the left there. Cut on sleeves, empire line, v neck, wacky pockets...swoon. Overnight I have developed a big crush on the frock on the right, that little strap/tab thing. Oh yes. They shall have to fight to see who gets made first.
Fabric suggestions? Anyone?


moggy said...

Hmm, I think it should be a plain colour to show the delightful strappage. I'm seeing it in an industrial grey, with something like orange buttons.

Or am I insane?

kitty said...

Well, you are insane, but I like the idea of grey! I watched 'Vertigo' today, in which Kim Novak wears a suit in a delightful light grey. That would be perfect, especially in bengaline. Rowr!

Linda said...

Love this pattern!