Wednesday, October 03, 2007


So, see, I was at the vietnamese lady's shop looking for lace for my silk satin, see, and, well, I saw this green suedey-twill stuff with satin backing on the other side, and it was like 4 bucks a metre, and it had stretch, man, even though it was woven, y'know? Anyway I accidently bought 4 metres of it (I was doing my washing at the laundromat over the road, I had to fill in the time, so sue me!).

Anyway, I brought it home and didn't know what to do with it. Then I went looking in my pattern drawer and found this, dig? Well, OK, so it is a size too small, but I thought, man, ain't that what stretch wovens are like MADE for? So I did it. And I'm not sorry I did, in fact I am PROUD. So there. I wore it to the art gallery and out to dinner and everything and I DON'T CARE WHO SAW ME.


kitty said...

I'm all about the sassy fit and high neckline too lately, in the stretch woven. Klassy.
Wear her with pride.
Dare I say, pea green with envy at the fab fabric find?

delamare said...

See, how come you can do that and I CAN'T???? Why is the height of my sewing ambition (and confidence) a nifty patchwork quilt trimmed with ric-rac-ray,all straight lines and everything.

Still, it's all part of the rich (stretch woven) tapestry of life, I suppose.

livebird said...

I wish I had seen you out! You know how I feel about extreme greenth. Very fab frock. I kinda like the matching bolero, too, but given that I haven't even traced off the other one you lent me, I cannot go there...