Thursday, September 27, 2007

Help meeeeeeee

Now, these haven't arrived yet, and who knows when I'll get around to making them, weighed down with the never ending 'to sew' list as I am, but indulge me.
I'm thinking pink tattoo for the halter.
Any fabric suggestions for the puff sleeved cutie?


moggy said...

Sigh. That halter is going to be saucey!

I can't help thinking that gingham is just perfect for the puffsleever. How about something different like brown or blue gingham, with some velvet ribbon or grosgrain trim?

That's my 10c worth.

1912 Suffragette said...

Love those wrap-around pockets on the jacket from the first pattern - would be great in white or black cotton pique to throw on over everything.

delamare said...

I'm with Moggy - I think it just screams gingham! I like the idea of brown gingham too...