Friday, November 10, 2006

You want stash?

I got stash right here pal!

2 yards

about 3 yards, with a couple of corazones cut out and appliqued on blacky hook and eye shirtdress, and a strip or two cut out for a belt.

Quite a bit left of this in black, also in light blue.

Plus 3 yards of this...and that's not nearly all. Ummm Ahhh


moggy said...

Hoorah for stash. Must post the new stuff, then literaly-at-the-post-office post your yardage.
PS went to a quilting store in Castlemaine today on the way home from Daylesford - why oh why, with all the quilt fabrics in all the world, do they always stock the nondescript ones?
PS we should save scraps from all our projects and make a big quilt. That'll show them.

moggy said...

Hang on, I already did post the new stash. Jumping the gun again! Now I am trying to summon up the energy to at least cut out the pattern for Leopardshirtdress - must decide if i want to make my actual size (ie with ease) or go down a size (for sassiness)