Friday, July 13, 2007

Well, you need something to wear with all these frocks

I'm going all crazzzzy for the heels. These both have that platformy bit under the ball of the foot that makes them not so high for your foot, but high for your height. That doesn't make sense, but I'm sure you know what I am getting at.

I'm going to paint the heel of the black ones black though. The natural leather look ain't working for me.

So, now I need high-heelable events!

PS that's the cut-back cement floor. Do you like my aggregate? Although it's going to get painted over in black I think. A bit like the shoes...

1 comment:

kitty said...

Oh no, you must not paint over that floor! Is there anyway to keep it, even if you have to paint a black border around it to hide filled in plumbing trenches etc?
And the shoes, uber cute! I wish I wore my heels more, but I'm such a nana these days.