Saturday, July 14, 2007

I bought these at 11 in the morning, honest!

Yay, got my Building Blocks material this morning. The floral is very green, I shall consider if it needs some thing between it and me.

I also bought these patterns on eBay, how could I resist them? I love Buy It Now on eBay, not as stressful. I have heard good things about these mail order patterns (the ones on Kitty's post below are mail order too) and I think one with the green background will make a lovely housedress. I like the idea of cut-on sleeves on the peter pan collared one too, I am not fond of setting in sleeves... I've asked the nice eBay seller to tell me if she has any other B36 or B38s lying around before she sends me this lot (they were each $4 or $5, so good prices). One or more of these may be made in one or more of the above...

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kitty said...

I too love cut on sleeves, if they are drafted well. Other things I love: Self facings and easy kick pleats rather than slits on wiggle dresses!

Go the red bias binding trim with the green floral. Make anything at all with the tape measures. It's fab-yoo-lous!