Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In the flesh

Here she is on me instead of Jane. I might debut her tomorrow if it isn't too warm. I think i'll wear her over a dress in case four buttons aren't enough..
And while in Clegs what did I see? "Seconds" dusty pink silk crepe de chine for $9.95/m.
I think it would make a good 'nude' slip, however I am tempted to put black lace on a la Trashy Diva which will un-nudify it.


frockalicious said...

like you've ever worried that your slip is showing

frockalicious said...

...and another thing, wow if I'd had the brains to buy that nice slip pattern on ebay, I'd be harassing you to pick up some of that pink silk for me too! (And you look fab in your leppo coat dress.)