Monday, November 20, 2006

I like her

...because she's nice.

Here's the length I decided on. I'm happy with it. Definitely a candidate as a picnic frock.

I recommend putting bias binding on after two glasses of red wine. Went on like a dream.

She fits like a glove (although looking at that pic, the gels at PR would be having coniptions about the wrinkle from the right shoulder) Just my scoliosis. Not doing scoliosis alterations!

Pattern notes for future reference.

1. Vogue size 8 is too small for me. I shoulda cut out the 10. I had to do 1 cm seams and take half the width out of the back bodice darts. (so much for 3 inches of bust ease. There's no ease. None!)
2. I cut the midriff and the skirt on the straight grain.
3. I took 2.5cm off the width of the midriff back and fronts. Fits gooooooo.
4. I pinned out about about 10cm total of flare in the skirt pieces...good thing too, I wouldn't want her any flarier.
5. Cut the skirt pieces about 5 cm longer than the pattern piece because of the shortening of the midriff bit. Then took her up 4.5cm. Almost balanced itself out there.

Also honolulu arrived today. Uber black velvet!

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lsaspacey said...

I love this! Is it from that Vogue pattern down below?