Saturday, November 26, 2011

Latest projects

Latest sewing: A shirred cotton frock for a 4 year old friend and McCalls 6069, in a poly knit from Spotlight.

No pattern for the shirred frock, just a large rectangle with 12 lines of shirring and 4 straps, one seam down the back, hem top and bottom and done.
The fabric is a quilting cotton (the design is called floragraphix III.) I didn't notice I had shirred the wrong end until I had done all 12 rows, so the swallows are flying upside down. Sigh. I couldn't bring myself to waste all that shirring elastic by unpicking and starting again. I'm trying to decide if I point it out to the young one's mother or keep quiet and see if they notice. Maybe I can claim it is to make the design more abstract. We'll see.

The McCalls dress has several reviews on
Like some other sewists, I used the square neck front bodice for the back, because I didn't fancy a cowl back on this. I rounded off the back neckline as you can see in the photo.
Some reviewers also noted that the skirt seemed quite tight, which wasn't a look I wanted in an elastic waisted frock, so I added a few centimetres width to the skirt. I did the side seam pockets too, but I think I'd leave them out if I made this again, they don't sit neatly in this drapey fabric and give a bit of a harem skirt look around the hips. If I don't end up liking the pockets after wearing, I might sew up the sides and take the pockets off, easy enough to do. Shame, as I love pockets in a frock. I made a thin self-fabric tie belt too, although it's barely visible on the busy print.
Here are the pics:


Anna Christina said...

I think the top and bottom of fabric is often in the eye of the beholder. I would not say anything. I prefer to watch bird ascending rather than descending.

moggy said...

Dang, why didn't I get that pattern when I had the chance? Looks delightful.

They'll never notice the swallows!

Carol said...

Great dress. I love this pattern - I'm a sucker for a cowl back.

Kristy said...

I can't believe you found that polyknit in Spotlight - I never find any decent prints in there. I love your dress, a cowl neckline always adds just the right amount of dressiness to even the plainest of plain dresses

AngelatheCreativeDiva said...

I like your rendition of the McCalls. I made mine with cheetah on the top and black on the bottom. I think next time, I'll try an all over print. I agree about the pockets. I do need stitch mine close.